Hi, my name is Sasha. I was born and still live in Zemun, in Serbia and Montenegro. My first steps in the dog world took place in 1975, when, at the age of 7, I showed my first dog at my first dog show in Belgrade. I have been in dogs ever since. My first dog was a beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer girl, named Ava. In a very short time, she became CH YU. She was of excellent origin, from Hege Haus. I bred English and German Pointers for many years, starting from early '80ies. I was quite successful - my kennel raised many national and international champions. In the early '90ies, I became FCI international All - round conformation judge, and am now certified for all FCI groups . At about the same time, I registered my current kennel name - Orthodox Celt - with the FCI. In 1994 I suffered a serious spine injury in a traffic accident, and have since been confined to a wheelchair. Because of this, I decided to switch to smaller breeds, whose needs I could better attend to. I chose Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Little Lion Dogs. My breeding program is not large, my primary concern is health and quality of the dogs that I raise. All my dogs are health tested (EKG, HD, PRA). For my efforts and input in dog sport, I have been decorated by the Serbian Kennel Club on 27th October 1999 with a silver medal, in token of the appreciation for my input in promoting and improving dog sport in Serbia. A few years later, on November 9, 2001 I was awarded the highest decoration of the Yugoslav kennel club, their gold medal, which is the highest award for efforts invested in improving Yugoslav kinology.


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